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The Minor Constellations Podcast is the podcast of the Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms. Hosted by RTG doctoral fellows Yael Attia and Kathleen Samson, the podcast features conversations with thinkers whose work touches on the current moment and who are interested in the ways in which our theories and practices shed light on the relations between knowledge, politics, and power.

This episode was the first-ever live recording of the Minor Constellations podcast, as part of the Minor Cosmopolitan Assembly at Silent Green, Berlin.

In this episode, we talk to Ben Ratskoff about two of his texts. The first was published in The Funambulist, and is titled “Rethinking Jewish Diaspora: On Analogy, Translation, and Abjection,” where he wants to nuance the concept of Jewish radical diasporism beyond Jewish opposition to Zionism. The second, “Against Analogy,” appeared in Jewish Currents just weeks after the murder of George Floyd, where he suggests that progressive Jews in the US need to go beyond invoking Jewish suffering as a means to enable Jewish solidarity with other minorities. We talk about radical diasporism, Jewish identity, analogy, and diaspora politics.

In conversation with:

Ben Ratskoff (Louchheim School of Judaic Studies at Hebrew Union College and the University of Southern California)

Ben Ratskoff is visiting assistant professor in the Louchheim School of Judaic Studies at Hebrew Union College and the University of Southern California. He completed his dissertation, Waltzing with Hitler: Black Writers, the Third Reich, and Demonic Grounds of Comparison, 1936-1940 in June 2021. His writing has appeared in Studies in American Jewish Literature, Jewish Studies Quarterly, as well as the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Funambulist, and Jewish Currents.


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