In this episode we find out about the in-development translation tool macht.sprache. We talk about some of the challenges of translating politically sensitive terms across not only language but also discursive contexts.


In Conversation with:

Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser

Image by Patricia Escriche

Anna von Rath lives in Berlin and works in the field of social justice, diversity and inclusion. In 2019, she finished her PhD in postcolonial cultural studies. She is a co-founder of poco.lit. and is currently translating her first book.

Lucy Gasser teaches literary, cultural and postcolonial studies at the University of Potsdam. She completed her PhD in 2019, and is co-founder of poco.lit. She grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and has lived in Berlin since 2014.

macht.sprache. is developing an app to foster politically sensitive translation between English & German. macht.sprache. will crowdsource a dataset of translations, host virtual events with experts, and generate a tool to help translate with sensitivity. This project was conceptualised and is being developed by poco.lit. and völlig ohne. The conceptual curatorial team is made up of Anna von Rath and Lucy Gasser. Web design and technical execution are the work of Timur Celikel and Kolja Lange. macht.sprache. is supported by the Berlin Senate.

Register for the event on June 4th:



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